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At Louis W. Bray Construction, the safety of our staff. and stakeholders are of the utmost importance. During these trying times, we are working to keep everyone abreast of the latest news and updates. Click the link below for our latest updates from the office of Louis W. Bray Construction.

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Employee Spotlight

At Louis W. Bray Construction, our people make us what we are. It’s good to get to know more about the great people that we work with on a daily basis. Getting to know someone’s past can truly tell us about how their present and future are framed.

At Bray, we study Stephen Covey’s – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Part of Covey’s teachings discuss our paradigms, or the lenses we see the world through. The story of Pa Tha Yah teaches us about how he has used a challenging past and continues to challenge himself to succeed as he takes on a 310T Mechanic Apprenticeship.


The Bray Difference

Bray is dedicated to a team building environment. We understand that in construction problems arise. Our goal is to work proactively and collaboratively to get ahead of any issues and bring forward solutions. This is the BRAY difference.

OUR PURPOSE: Building People – Building Infrastructure

OUR NICHE: Building Relationships

OUR PROMISE: Working TOGETHER to find a solution


  • We take a team approach with our clients to resolve site issues
  • We offer value engineering and constructability reviews (pre-construction)
  • We have a win-win mentality
  • We DO NOT overbook. We say NO if we can’t deliver

Our Projects & Capabilities

At Louis W. Bray Construction, our projects come in a wide variety. As you will see below, we specialize in: Concrete Structures, Water/Wastewater Treatment Facilities & Earthwork/Underground.

Click on the video to the right to see some great examples of projects we’ve completed.

Learn More about our projects
LWBRAY Water & Wastewater Facilities
LWBRAY Earth & Underground

Memberships & Affiliations

Relationships with clients and colleagues alike are highly valued at Bray. This is why we have aligned ourselves with Associations and Organizations that foster that networking and relationship building across this great industry.

Safety to the COR

Safety is at the core of what we do, in fact it has become one of our core values. We care about the safety of our employees, our sub-contractors, suppliers and the general public. We have dedicated time and resources at creating hundreds of training hours, documentation and processes to keep this top of mind. This is why, on December 4, 2019, Louis W. Bray Construction was COR Certified by IHSA.

You Can Find Us Here

Bray Head Office Map


Address: 308 Corduroy Road, Vars, ON K0A 3H0
Telephone: (613) 737-6711
Fax: (613) 938-0459

Bray Quarry Map


Address: 5601 Richmond Drive, Long Sault, ON. K0C 1P0
Telephone: (613) 551-2312