Project #753 – Fernbank Crossing, Block 135

2020-07-25T18:05:13+00:00November 19th, 2019|Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities|

  • Main work being completed: Water and Sewermain installation, Building Excavation and Backfill, Utilities, Landscaping, and Curb & Sidewalk
  • Project location: Stittsville
  • Project team (PM, PC/QC, Super, Foreman): Nick, Travis, Renzo, Adam
  • Project duration (est. start & end dates): Started November 19, 2019. Completion July 2021.

Project #740 – Jones Falls Rideau Locks Stone Historical Rehab

2021-04-01T11:41:14+00:00September 25th, 2018|Structures, Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities|

  • Project location Jones Falls Locks, Elgin, ON
  • Main work being completed: Timber bridge replacement, removal/replacement and repointing of heritage stone masonry inside of the locks, replacement of concrete lock floors, sluice tunnel repairs, sluice gate refurbishment, ladder replacement.

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Project team (PM, PC/QC, Super, Foreman)

  • PM: Mark Butzer
  • PC/QC: Ian

Project #728 – North Kanata Trunk Sewer Line

2020-07-25T18:06:00+00:00June 1st, 2018|Earthworks & Underground, Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities|

  • Main work being completed: Sanitary trunk sewer over 2000m long (a lot of this work is being don on NCC property), Watermain over 450m long, modification to a pumping station, a bit of storm sewer, Herzberg road reconstruction.
  • (City: ISD12-2011, North Kanata Truck Sewer Phase 2)
  • Project location: Herzberg road Kanata. Please refer to