Effective December 4, 2019, Louis W. Bray Construction was awarded the coveted IHSA COR Certification. Our updated core values reflect our commitment to Safety for our people, our sub-contractors and the general public. Safety will always remain a primary focus for Louis W. Bray Construction.

Louis W. Bray Construction has successfully completed the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program.

BRAY is dedicated to managing and improving health and safety excellence on all our projects. Through sound standards, policies and procedures we are thoroughly committed to the health and safety of all our employees and anyone who may be affected by our work.

We firmly believe in the principle that we will conduct all of our business activities in a manner which protects the quality of the environment with an emphasis on preventative measures and we will strive to exceed these standards whenever possible.

Our key asset is our staff and the personal health, safety and protection of our workforce is paramount to us. No job is too important or too small that it cannot be planned and executed in a safe and healthy manner.

Our Training Program

  • Safety-first is the core of our training program…and one of the organizations Core Values
  • IRS (Internal Responsibility System) means we are all in charge of each other’s safety – hierarchy does NOT exist in safety
  • Daily Pre-Shift Safety Talks
  • Monitoring & Feedback – Weekly, Monthly, Annual Audits
  • Overarching Safety Policies & Procedures

We strive for zero accidents and complete safety on each project through proactive planning, safety policies, comprehensive employee training and orientation programs; as well as a strong supervisory presence and full commitment from our Senior Leadership Team.

We are proud of our Safety Culture and how our qualified team of skilled workers strive to achieve operational excellence on a daily basis.

– Greg Swan, Health & Safety Manager